How to gather valuable insights from unstructured data

We carry out projects analyzing unstructured complex data in order to produce innovative and easy to understand software platforms. The value associated to our products comes from the reliability of the produced information thanks to the applied state-of-the-art scientific methods.

ONB Analytics is an innovative company that provides analysis and interpretations of Big Data in the fields of enterprise, Social Media Analytics and Industry 4.0, with a focus on:

  • Human Resources Analytics: time usage analysis, information flow, social skills and organizational risks
  • Sentiment Analytics: Analysis of the business climate ermerging from the corporate’s digital communication; analysis of sentiment in the social media, linked to institutions, people, hashtags, keywords, events, etc.
  • Social Media Analytics: view and interpret complex networks and communities in the social media, descriptive and multivariate statistics for the description of social phenomena emerging from posts, tweets, etc.
  • Event Analytics: developing platforms for event monitoring and evaluation in real time and ex-post
  • Bioinformatics: Computational Models for Systems Biology, GPGPU

We master the following technologies:

  • Data Mining: Extraction of metadata and text from digital communications (social network posts / tweets, emails, chat, forum, calendar, VoIP).
  • Complex Network Analysis: Scientific method coming from complex systems research that allows to analyze and represent the links of real interactions.
  • Adaptive Concept Mapping: Semantic analysis of multi-language texts written by users, based on topic-specific dictionaries and artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Scientific method for the automatic identification and classification of opinions, dictionary-based multi-language and natural language processing techniques.