Quattro letture veloci di  Patti Anklam (esperta di social network analysis, value network analysis e knowledge management) per avere un’idea di come le tecniche di netowk analysis posso essere applicate per l’analisi dell’organizzazione aziendale e favorire la perfomance aziendale.

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Masterclass: Social-network analysis  Part I

Let’s face it: your organisation is a networked organisation whether or not top management thinks it is one, and whether management wants it to be or not. Informal networks have always played a huge role in how work gets done in organisations; good managers have understood the role of thesenetworks and people who know how to leverage them. What’s different today is that a convergence of years of research in the social and physical sciences has provoked interest in a new set of methods for mapping and mining insights from these networks. Whether you call it social-network analysis (SNA) or organisational-network analysis (ONA), it’s about identifying the key networks within organisational boundaries, understanding the structure of personal and group relationships among them, and using this understanding to make a difference to business performance.

Masterclass – Social Network Analysis