…to measure and manage collaboration BUSINESS SUITE Dashboard that highlights the organizational strengths and weaknesses: • Leaders and potential leaders • Opinion leaders • Bottlenecks in the information flow • Employees at risk of burnout and with excessive work load



…to discover tacit competences and talents BUSINESS SUITE Detailed profiles for each employee unveiling the competences applied on the job, Search of potential successors among the internal resources, Find specific competences among your employees. Sign up for a SmartSkills free



ONB Analytics provides CEOs and board members of private and public corporates a set of intuitively understandable network & knowledge KPIs and graphical visualizations based on the real-time analysis of big data generated through digital workplace interactions allowing for objective judgment

ONB analyzes and visualizes your company network in 24h

YOU change and improve your organisation quicker than your competitors can


Media & Awards

Media & Awards

PREMIO NAZIONALE dell’INNOVAZIONE 2013 – Finalist The Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione (PNI) is a competition between high innovative business projects, coming from the scientific research of students and researchers. List of the selected start up Press: Sole 24 Ore, Consorzio Arca START CUP PALERMO 2013 – Winner

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Within a few hours after the project start, ONB Analytics shows you the relationships between the people of your organization and tells you what they do. They take a picture of how you are and create a rich and navigable set of data, a photo that you can "refresh" as many times as you want.

Andrea Moretti Management Consultant

ONB is a fundamental tool in cases of mergers & acquisitions, as the company will identify beforehand the opinion leaders, the holders of strategic skills and training needs.

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