We conduct social media analytics across the corporate’s internal social media as well as public social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. The reporting is made available online and delivers graphs on activity trends, network centrality metrics, sentiment and topics of discussion. Thanks to the visual understanding approach, the results are easy to read, ready to implement in a presentation and allow for one-click interactions.

Take-aways for Internal Communication Managers:
– ability of the platform to make knowledge and know-how flow across the corporate’s hierarchical levels, sites, departments, ecc.
– detailedstatistics on intra-company interactions

Take-aways for Marketing Managers:
– capacity of the public page to influence the discussion and attract attention of fans in the network of competitors
– main topics of discussion in the network of competitors and the kind of sentiment that accompanies the comments

This examplary platform conducting public social network analytics on cultural content related to a selection of national and international events has been developed for one of our customers:


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